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Karin Fransson, “sultry Swedish-born pop starlet”

(Geoff Cowart, Westminster Chronicles) who blends together jazz, folk, soul and pop into her compositions creates

“a stunning 'popness' all of it's own. very good indeed.” (Rough Trade)
She is a seasoned London performer, song writer and recording artist with one self penned debut album “Private Behaviour” under her belt released in 2011 followed by double single “Silver Lining” in 2015 and first volume of her EP series "Commuter Diaries" released in 2020.
Ms Fransson's distinct vocal can be heard on featured tracks like Cyril Dingome's "Breakthrough" as well as various adverts/soundtracks from her recording artist portfolio.
Besides numerous gigs in London Karin has also had the pleasure of performing shows in France (Paris, Montpellier) and Scandinavia. In 2014 she dabbled in writing and performing music for theatre in the play "Adam's Eve" at the Gloucester Arms in Kensington and she continues to challenge her creative abilities inspired by visuals as an additional means of expression.
2021 brought Volume 2 of "Commuter Diaries" EP-series which is an acoustic bliss to listen through to relax your mind.
2022 was all about trying something new. Queue: "Project '85", a trilogy of singles dropped from October through to end of November. Electronic? Synths? Strings? Indie Country? Synth Wave Lo-Fi? wHAT!
Karin's voice is the red thread pulling through these catchy new tunes all in their own boxes.

The start of 2023 has been one back to acoustics and you can hear the latest song "Burning Shivers (live session)" now on Bandcamp.

The  Summer of 2023 has seen a new band formation for gigs at the Pizza Express LIVE (Holborn) and a UK festival (Wyldfest) featuring flute, ocean drums and more. A solo show at the Ned in London concluded the Summer excitement and after all that it's back to the writing board. New announcements coming soon so watch this space and support if you can.

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